Hey North Carolina Nice Try, but You Screwed Up

Let’s talk about sex, baby. Let’s talk about you an me. Let’s talk A-BOOUUT Sex.
All joking aside I’m not talking about the kind you have, but the kind you identify as. The recent sets of laws in North Carolina and Mississippi have gotten me into thinking about this issue, and how to preserve everyone’s “rights” while not trampling on anyone elses. The current law is pretty messed up, and essentially puts the rights of Christians  (and other religious groups/people) above those of the LGBT community. That isn’t right, not just in a moral sense, but from the best I can figure out it’s also legally wrong. I will, however, also say that these people should have the right to refuse service or only provide bathrooms as they see fit. It’s a slippery slope to try and appease both groups without stomping on one or the other. I applaud these 2 states for attempting to stand up for at least one group, but the way they went about it was both archaic and insulting to people who don’t share the same morals. How do we solve this issue without infringing on one group or the other?
The short answer is to stop making laws that affect current people, political climates, and morals. The better way would be to attempt to make a law that can grow and mutate with the times without being restrictive… like that wonderful document you may have heard of. You know the one, it’s hand written and really old. I’m of course speaking of the Constitution. Why is it that a few dudes in powdered wigs and knickers figured out how to create a document that could grow with the times and excessively educated, over opinionated policy makers cant? I would venture to say that  it’s because in the days of our founders there weren’t such massive divides between social constructs like the parties, and they  all were united on trying to do what was right for ALL Americans; not just the ones who sided with them. Current representatives of this great republic are now just towing the party line for their own personal  desires, oh and their pocketbooks. Maybe if we took away all this excessive lobbying and spending from both parties then we could actually have representatives that do what their moniker implies: Represent us, the people, not the extra zeros in their bank accounts. Alas, that isn’t a problem for today. Our current problem  is how to make both of our aforementioned opposing groups happy at the same time, because currently they are both doing nothing but trampling the beliefs of others. Seems pretty hypocritical in both directions to me. Pot… meet kettle


Let’s look at a place that has managed to ensure most, if not all, groups are taken care of. The place I’m talking about allows business owners to refuse service to anyone, for any reason they see fit. In this mythical land of avoiding appeasing one group over another it is extremely rare to hear of someone feeling discriminated against on the same grounds as these new laws seem to create/protect. The place I’m  talking about is my current home, and is far from perfect, but the one thing they have done correct is set up laws that protect everyone from getting treated unfairly. I’m talking about the Sunshine state, lovely Florida. Here in the land of oranges and geriatrics a business owner can kick you out, or refuse service for you for whatever reason they want. If you are gay and don’t want to make a cake for a Christian couple, that’s your prerogative and right. It’s the same if you are a Muslim and don’t want jews using your restroom. It goes both ways equally, and allows anyone to avoid anything they don’t like. I would also like to point out that the free market allows you, as the refused potential consumer, to go anywhere else you would please to have whatever service you want completed. Does it allow individuals and businesses the ability to discriminate? Absolutely it does, but that is neither illegal nor the problem of government. We shouldn’t expect government to force people to do what you want them to do, because I guarantee you don’t want the government to force you to do things you don’t want to do. Let’s look at it this way: You want all the rights you were promised, and you shouldn’t take any away from someone else, even if you are part of a group that is severely discriminated against. Two wrongs don’t make a right, and being an asshole isn’t illegal.


So let’s review from today’s lesson. NC and MS have overstepped their boundaries to protect one group and allow for institutional discrimination against others. It’s wrong and needs to be fixed. It would be wrong if the roles were reversed. Government should never force people to conform to others morals or beliefs. It doesn’t matter who has the moral high ground (especially since both sides of this issue seem to think they do) in the eyes of the law. Let’s all stand together and stop governmental processes that lead to discrimination, and start forcing the government to enact laws that will benefit the individual rights of ALL Americans. Hopefully we can do half as well as the OG Americans, but we for sure cannot as long as we allow party lines, moral issues, and most of all religious beliefs to affect our policymaking.

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