I’m not tired yet, are you?

I’m talking about winning.  I’m not going to lie. I jumped on the Trump Train pretty early on. I consider myself so mutant version a nationalist conservative and a libertarian. Trump was a natural fit. That, though, isn’t the problem. After the news of Nov 8th I spent a few days basking in the glory […]


Every single one of your heroes was a nobody at one point. They were just another nothing that refused to give up when it started sucking.  I’m not huge on manifestation, The Secret, or any of that other early 2000s chicken soup for the soul bullshit. I’m really not, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t […]


         I grew up in a galaxy far far away. I dream of Jedi Knights and Far of planets to this day… and I’m almost 30. I was ten when the Original Trilogy came back to theaters, and in late middle School through early adulthood for the Prequels. I’ve been an obsessive […]

Censorship is a Disease

Censorship in ANY form, to me, is equivalent to treason.  Let me be very clear. I’m not advocating ANYTHING that could be truly harmful. for example: Broadcast TV shouldn’t show nudity, gratuitous violence, or anything else that could be damaging to children (yes, I’m aware it’s all subjective and therefore I’ve opened a giant can […]

Hope & Change

As I’m sitting here writing this, I happen to be sitting in the car with my daughter looking out over a lake near our house. the stock market is at an all time high, General Mattis is being considered for Secretary of Defense, multiple major manufacturers are staying in the country despite saying otherwise, and […]

When did we lose our way? 

I spend a lot of time dissecting language. I listen to the choices of words people use, and the underlying mentality behind it. Most of the time people (especially Americans) chose to go with the simplest and quickest option without consideration to whether it’s the best fit, or if it’s the EXACT idea they are […]


Good Evening everyone, Just wanted to write a quick post and apologize to everyone. I haven’t posted since April, and considering all of the events that have gone down (Wikileaks 1-36, DNC Leak 1 & 2, President Elect Trump, etc) I have missed dozens of amazing story opportunities.  I have had some very serious personal […]