An Open Letter to Sanders Supporters and Other Democrats on Why They Should Be Supporting the GOP

Why are we using social issues to justify the candidates we choose for president, and ignoring the economic repercussions? Why do we look at the candidate’s personality instead of their policies? Why do we think extremely limited special interests and lifestyle choices are what we should base our voting on? I honestly don’t understand it at all. Not even a little. I’m pro-choice, pro-marriage equality, and pro-recreational marijuana, yet I refuse to vote for a Democrat. Not just the two we currently have running for POTUS, but ANY Democrat. I love their social policies, and some of the things they want to do in order to ensure everyone has the rights and privileges they were promised, but every time I start to like a left wingers policies they drop some ridiculous bomb about HOW they want to do these things, and that is where I jump off the train every time.


Have you ever noticed that Black Lives Matter is most active in protesting Republican candidates? Have you ever noticed that this also happens the most in places run by Dems? Flint water crisis… city is run by Dems. Chicago, Detroit, and South LA all have the highest murder rates, highest concentration of black on black crime, highest rate of police killing minorities… AND all three of those places are run by Democrats. I’m not saying Democrats are to blame necessarily, but what I am inferring is that places with the most problems buy into the Leftist mentality, elect those kinds of people, then get into worse shape than before.
I’m going to take the time today to lay out why its the GOP that underprivileged people should be supporting. Why the Right is the right place for millennials who want to support those groups, and still get ahead in life after college should be leaning more right. Basically, when you are done reading this little snippet of the internet in my dark corner of the web, you will also (hopefully) understand why we should all be supporting right-wing fiscal policies at the very least, and maybe together we can start to bring them around to the social issues as well.
Let’s first take a gander at the tax plans from each party involved in this debacle of American politics. Sanders wants to do a lot of amazing social reforms and socialist policies, but can we as “poor” Americans carry this burden? I honestly don’t think so. I will give Sanders credit where it us due, and admit that his tax increases won’t affect the poorest of Americans and will gain most of its funding from taxing the rich (an idea I don’t particularly agree with, though it’s better on a personal level than taxing me and mine personally). My issue with the Bern’s plans affects those of us in the 20k-60k a year bracket. None of us are exactly sitting high on the hog, and his plans would decrease our per check income by nearly a full quarter. I know I can’t afford that, and I highly doubt anyone that is bothering to read this can either. Hilary is a little better than Bernie, but who really cares? Hilary is essentially the Devil and no tax plan will ever make me (or any rational human) want to vote for her. Now let’s look at Mr. Trump and Senator Cruz. I’m lumping these two together because their tax plans may be enacted differently, but the affect on us little guys will be essentially the same. Under both Cruz’s and Trump’s plans would save the Average lower middle class family approximately 16% in taxes, and would close the loopholes those asshole 1%ers are using to get rich. Check it out those if you who are feeling the Bern, the GOP is saving you money, hurting the wretched elite, and allowing surplus to pay off the national debt.
Now that we know the GOP will help our pocketbooks, let’s look how the enforcement of the already in place immigration laws will help both the underprivileged minorities, and their more privileged college graduate peers acquire jobs that pay better and offer all the benefits that we seem to think the government should be giving to us. Let’s say we stop issuing H1-B visas to foreign college graduates at such a high rate (almost 20 times the intended amount when the issuance laws were reformed in 2009), and we begin to limit the influx of illegal immigrants. When we stop giving away jobs that are currently going to Indian and Asian college graduates, who do you think will be getting those jobs almost an average of 5 dollars an hour higher than their foreign counterparts? Go on… I’ll wait while you think about it… (cue jeopardy music)… Alright, times up. The answer is millennials and Gen Xers who are looking for jobs that utilize their degrees. Holy smokes, now we have jobs that we went to college to get. “What about those illegals?” you say. Well, believe it or not, most illegals work in small to medium factories that pay their legal workers an average of 17 dollars an hour, and require only a GED (while paying illegals an average of seven dollars an hour). 17 bucks an hour is a lot more than the current minimum wage, and factory jobs nearly always come with pretty competitive insurance policies (like the the one my father has at his current factory job, where he has 10 dollar Co-pays, 2 free sets of glasses a year, and all dental Co-pays can be written off for taxes). Doesn’t that sound like a perfect fit for the poorly educated in cities and counties all around you? I totally agree. So let’s review, none of the GOP candidates want to halt immigration altogether, the slowing of certain types of it will open up good jobs for both poor minorities and college graduates, and all of this would grow the economy and make up for the loss of tax revenue (by now being able to tax the illegal and untaxable pay that illegals are getting). So now we are growing our own pocketbooks again. Yay! Oh, and just so we don’t have any confusion or feelings of being left out, the Democrat candidates want to tax us to pay the welfare and Medicaid of those people who are losing their job opportunities to the illegals we don’t want to send back or stop from coming into the country. Sounds like a terrible way to help the lower classes, or the struggling college grads out the in these United States.

What about the wall Trump wants to build? Well, let’s just think this through. The wall will cost approximately 25 billion, and take the same amount to maintain every 8-10 years. Mexico currently owes the United States just over 58 billion in repatriation payments that we (read Obama) has chosen not to ask for. I’m no Isaac Newton or Steven Hawking, but if my mathematics come out the way I think it does, then it seems like Mexico could be paying not only for the wall, but for 15 years or so of maintenance as well. Sounds like a decent plan to me. I mean if your brother owed you money, had it to spare, and you really needed it to buy locks for your house; wouldn’t you be asking for that money right quick and in a hurry? I know I would. I will venture away from standard operating procedures of the Grand Old Party and say that I don’t really see the need or practicality in deporting all 11+ million illegals, but maybe if we make a dent (mostly the real criminals, and ones with gang ties) and slow the influx to a few drops instead of the geyser we currently have we will gain all the benefits of the aforementioned jobs.
Let’s take a gander at the tax loopholes we discussed earlier for a minute because fixing them would be another huge fuck you to those villainous Richy Riches, and more friendly to getting us those coveted jobs we all want so we can eat, drink, and pay off that mountain of college debt (mine, and many others top goal to attaining happiness). Under the Democrats plans we would be breaking up the banks (essentially halting all entrepreneurship), taxing the companies to the point of them needing to outsource more jobs, and forcing the companies that do stay to payer substantially higher wages. Whereas under both of the GOP candidates (Kasich doesn’t count since he wants to be a wiener and play spoiler) we would be putting our corporate tax rates at slightly lower than most of Europe, and extremely competitive with China and Japan. “But how are we going to afford stuff if we don’t tax the corporations into submission?” I can hear you screaming from every corner of our experiment in democracy. Well, that’s simple. Closing the loopholes that allow companies like General Electric (a big target for Bernie currently) to put their Corporate Headquarters in Sweden, while keeping all production and stuff here. They accomplish these amazing feat by using the little hole in the Tax code that says they only need their headquarters located in Sweden, and that major decisions be made in this headquarters. The elites of the companies will go on a week’s vacation and sign the documents for said decisions while there. Sounds like a cop-out to me. By lowering our corporate tax rate, and forbidding companies to do this we will not only force these mega-corps to come here, but we will encourage others to follow suit. By doing this we will bring in more jobs, and when combined with stopping the illegal and Visa migrants leads to EVEN MORE jobs for both of the demographics that seem to hate the GOP candidates the most(not to be overly politically incorrect, but just so we are clear I’m talking about underprivileged people of color, and white college grads, though many other people also dislike the GOP and seem to be drawn to Sanders even though the GOP policies would help them a LOT more than the Lefties would) Doesn’t quite make sense does it?

Let’s take a quick peak at the few issues most liberals take with the GOP and see why they aren’t as big a deal as you may think when it comes to Trump’s beliefs (I would like to defend Cruz here as well, but honestly I really can’t). Trump has said he would punish women who got abortions IF if were illegal, yet that seems like logic to me. If somethings illegal, then it should carry a punishment. But wait, there’s more! Trump has also said he will not defund planned parenthood, he has no interest in banning abortion, and he respects the law of the land being marriage equality. Sounds like a Democrat to me, and that is pretty damn appealing to libertarians and independents (and some democrats as well). Trump has also never said anything racist, as Muslim is a religious faith (and one that may not be inherently violent, but does seem to produce a vastly larger amount of violent extremists than any other world religion), and Illegal (Mexican or otherwise ) immigrant is a legal status and not a race. Bigoted? Maybe a little bit, but no more than your tipsy grandpa or uncle at christmas. Of course I’m just kidding, I don’t think he is bigoted at all, in fact I would say he is treating women who attack him verbally more equal than a man who would not have heated discussions with a woman in a position where it should be expected (reporters, TV hosts, and other celebrities). What us more equal than not noticing gender on a person? Is he a little rude when he insults most people regardless of gender? Yeah, but don’t most of us get that way in a heated discussion or argument? I see it as more of a him being a normal person, than being unprofessional or unpresidential.

I guess to sum it all up, Trump isn’t all the terrible things you may think he is, all the GOP candidates would help secure minorities and college grads more (and higher paying) jobs, while taking less in taxes from us little people and corporations while still taking in more revenue.

The political punk dude
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