I am a journalist and political commentator. My main goal is to help usher in the new breed of “young outsiders.” I’m a devout atheist, and lover of all things nerdy (though my one true love is the greatest modern telling of the hero’s journey: Star Wars) Im an avid fan of anything with a motor, though American muscle cars and motorcycles are my prefered genre of stereotypical male interests. I’m a fiend for anything revolving around the paleo diet, primitive workout, and any other viking-esque activities you can imagine. I am most comfortable in a dingy record store discussing the minutia of an obscure hardcore/punk/thrash metal band, or a comic book shop going over last week’s publications from Image comics. I am also quite fond of random encounters at the local dive bar, coffee shop, or biker hang out. Occasionally you might find me arguing with a local antique store owner about the pros and cons of different furniture designs, but that’s more than likely because I’m too cheap to purchase brand new furniture.   I was raised by two wonderful parents who are the definition of longevity (they have been together since sophomore year of high school), in the grandest of places… rural Virginia, the heart of Civil War reenactments and Appalachian pride. I’m a mega-fanboy for anything involving collectibles or natural survival. Proliferation but don’t believe it’s the government’s place, pro-legalization, pro-marriage (I refuse to say gay marriage because love is love), and am very much against the social plague known as the Kardashians. I’m the definition of all other right leaning policies, to include: Smaller government, tax reform, enforcing the current immigration laws (as well as tightening some), and ensuring religious liberties for ALL. I love my Marine Corps and miss it daily, yes even the bullshit and the multiple trips to the sandbox. I’m currently engaged to a wonderful woman who is a damn good makeup artist, and am helping to raise her perfectly imperfect future paleontologist daughter who will be 6 very soon. If that wasn’t a clear enough description of who I am and what to expect from this blog, then I don’t know what would be because this pretty much sums up me in a nut shell.