I grew up in a galaxy far far away. I dream of Jedi Knights and Far of planets to this day… and I’m almost 30. I was ten when the Original Trilogy came back to theaters, and in late middle School through early adulthood for the Prequels. I’ve been an obsessive collector since my childhood, and even married another Star Wars mega-fan. Here, just look at a few pictures of our living room:

Yes, we are adults with careers, a child, and tons of normal mature things… but Star Wars fills the void of a religeon in our household. I’m too lazy to show the rest of our collection, as that would involve getting up, but I think you get your idea. We waited in line for 11 hours for The Force Awakens, and I’ve been to opening day shows of every movie since it’s come out. Basically, Star Wars is literally the glue that bonds my entire family together. 

With all that being said, This is my front yard. 

I have worked for the Republican party of Florida  and the wife volunteered with the Trump campaign for months. I can count state and local officials in the party as friends. My entire life and career revolves around upholding the Constitution and ideals that make the USA the greatest country in the world. So yeah  as you can see I’m deeply torn by the encroachment of one passion onto the other. 

Let’s break a few pieces of this down real quick, and hopefully someone will have some decent advice on how to handle it:
Star Wars is not and has never been about fascism in any way. The empire isn’t the Nazis, and the Rebels aren’t the Anti-racist SJW calvary. That just isn’t the case. A more compelling argument can be made for the Jedi and Rebels being the Taliban or some other Religiously influenced (Jedi + all clergy wear robes?) terror group. The Empire is a legally voted in Government, and the Rebels hide with their small numbers just striking out here and there to win the long war… sound familiar veterans? 

Star Wars: A New Hope,  the origin of it all, was actually rewritten several times to AVOID overt references to the VIETNAM War that had just ended… 

Who were we fighting on the jungles? Oh… communists. That machine we andllsndctuallt reared against? yeah… that was the commies, not the Nazis. Totalitarian doesn’t mean Nazi. Statist doesn’t mean Nazi. Racist doesn’t mean Nazi… The Nazi party was a SOCIALIST party (cough cough Bernie bros) of totalitarian ideals based on the people’s feelings. Sounds a lot more like Soros and the rest of the leftists than Trump. Alas, the hypocrisy and lack of knowledge from the left has now led us to this point… 
Where we as conservstives or libertarians are forced to fight back and no gain. yet does that make us any better than them? Let me know what you all think below. 


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