Censorship is a Disease

Censorship in ANY form, to me, is equivalent to treason. 

Let me be very clear. I’m not advocating ANYTHING that could be truly harmful. for example: Broadcast TV shouldn’t show nudity, gratuitous violence, or anything else that could be damaging to children (yes, I’m aware it’s all subjective and therefore I’ve opened a giant can of worms by making absolute statments then being fairly wishy washy. Let’s all be adults and go with a tiny bit of common sense and generally accepted behaviors. The same level of scrutiny used in a court of law when making decisions based on what a “reasonable sane person” would consider). 

I’m talking about intentional silencing of opinions that are offensive or unpopular. Fuck your safe space. Life sucks. Wear a helmet and go find someone who cares. I’m talking about corporations like Twitter or Facebook, who have admitted to, or are obviously guilty of silencing, blocking, and covering up the opinions of anyone your puppet masters don’t agree with. I’m talking about the use of feelings, safe spaces, and authority as teachers to push agendas and spin false narratives while chastising and harassing law abiding citizens. I’m talking about the collusion between the global elites, and the main stream media to spread blatantly and patently false information to defame the President Elect, multiple award winning journalists, and entire swathes of the American people in an effort to line their own pockets while crushing the honest hard working truth tellers with nothing but money and lies. 

Get the picture? 
For those of you who are too thick headed to pick up what I’m putting down, let me break it down Barney style. There are people like George Soros and his Bilderberg/Illuminati/Bohemian Grove goons that secretly run the world. The people in power all answer to them, and do whatever they want while lieing to our faces. They lie, cheat, and sell government access. They may even traffic in children, and participate in Luciferian rituals to Babylonian gods. We know they have killed people, covered up massive international scandals, and sold out our interests to the highest foreign bidders. We know they not only negotiate with thugs, gangs, and terrorists… We know they are actively funding them. We know that we are funding multiple sides of the same war. We see the corruption and collusion, all the lies and deceit laid bare and untouched for all to form their own opinions through Wikileaks. We finally have a President (come 20 Jan 17)  that tells the truth and calls it like it is. When will the intentional and harassing censorship by the combined efforts of the elites, media, Internet, and foreign governments be stopped? When do we finally become the same kind of Americans who formed this badass country? 
I’m hoping the time is now. I’m tired of fighting an uphill battle just because I believe that Truth is the light, and justice should actually be fair. Truly fair. Look up equality and equity… tell me which one you want, and I’ll tell you that the left is saying one thing and meaning another. 


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