Hope & Change

As I’m sitting here writing this, I happen to be sitting in the car with my daughter looking out over a lake near our house. the stock market is at an all time high, General Mattis is being considered for Secretary of Defense, multiple major manufacturers are staying in the country despite saying otherwise, and most of all Donald J. Trump is less than two months from setting food in the Oval Office. In theory I should be extremely happy, yet I’m plagued with a feeling of uneasiness. 

I see tons of good things going on around the country. Not least of all is the collapse of the MSM, and all of the bafoons who drink up all of the bile they spew on a daily basis. I see colleges finally standing up to the hateful, violent, and hypocritical leftists. I also have seen immeidately impact to both my personal life, and my families collective professional lives. All of them for the better, but I’m afraid. Not in the physical since, and not in some triggered safe space crybaby way. I’m scared I was duped by the man I put ultimate faith into. 

I trust Donald Trump to go through with his campaign promises. I stood by and was called a host of names for my choice. I’ve been harassed at multiple businesses (shout out to Chipotle for not only making the situation right with free stuff, but for making your employee personally make my food and offer it for free. Promote that manager immeidately) and had my trash men refuse to take my garbage. I’ve lost friend and relatives, just like most of you guys. I told myself it was worth it. I told myself that Trump would be honest and do what he daid. I haven’t given up yet, but his softening on HRC is a little disturbing. I’m not panicking yet, as the story of how the God Emperor put MSM hacks in their place gives me life, but I would honestly jump ship back to the Libertarians if he doesn’t at least push for another investigation. 
Sound off in the comments, or on my twitter. Let me know what you’re take on Trump and keeping his promises. Oh, and what’s your take on Kanye? 


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