When did we lose our way? 

I spend a lot of time dissecting language. I listen to the choices of words people use, and the underlying mentality behind it. Most of the time people (especially Americans) chose to go with the simplest and quickest option without consideration to whether it’s the best fit, or if it’s the EXACT idea they are going for. I see it in simple interactions like choosing “love” over “like” or saying “yeah” or “sure” instead of “yes” or even “yes please.” I think where it bothers me most though is in the subtle changes that have come about in the last 100 years or so (some more recently than others). 

We have seen the common vernacular for an attractive young female go from “dame” or “broad” to “honey,” “Shorty,” and up to today’s current usage of “bitch” or “hoe.” This kind of subtle language change is destructive and unflattering to those involved but it isn’t as bad as the intentional changes made to edit our subconscious thoughts on the situation. 
Think about it like this… if I told you I was going to arrest you for possession of a schedule 1 narcotic, it sounds pretty bad. If I worded it that I was going to kidnap you for holding a flower that Thomas Jefferson used regulary, it sounds a lot different. I’m talking about Marijuana, and the subtle changes to language that were made possible by BIG Pharma, the alcohol and tobacco industries, and assorted other groups who are afraid legalization will hurt their bottom line. The entire Idea is insane. 

We can look at a more recent endeavor in the switch from “Illegal Alien” to “undocumented immigrant.” I’ve even seen some confused snowflakes that were taught that undocumented was different than illegal. I honestly don’t get it. By changing the language we subconsciously shift the thought behind it. This is extremely common on military training in reverse. We come up with dehumanizing names for the enemy to ensure we don’t see them as human (in the same way the switch to undocumented makes them seem MORE human, and MORE like as citizen): Kraft, Japan, Red Coat, Hadji… you get the idea. 
I’m not opposed to language evolving naturally… I’m opposed to it being done intentionally for a given affect. Saul Alinsky literally covers this in his Magnum Opus “Rules for Radicals” yet somehow we as affect nation have let it slip by. Another example of not is gender pronouns. I’m personally OK with Trans people, and heavily supprting heir rights to be normal citizens… but do we not see a problem with having 10, 12, or even the ridiculous 30 different pronouns that are now available on Tinder (so I’ve heard)? what has this world come to? 
I guess to bring this bad boy to a close, I just hope my fellow Americans can see through the intentional and deceitful intentions of the globalists and leftists. I’m afraid I don’t know where this will end… Uniform gender less haircuts, clothes, and interests? Programming us to accept Sharia or Communism? Really sit down and think accept boutique language accept bound the way a simple manipulation can change the entire way something is viewed. Scary huh? 


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