Good Evening everyone,
Just wanted to write a quick post and apologize to everyone. I haven’t posted since April, and considering all of the events that have gone down (Wikileaks 1-36, DNC Leak 1 & 2, President Elect Trump, etc) I have missed dozens of amazing story opportunities. 

I have had some very serious personal troubles for the last several months and finally have the ability to write and critique things on the regular again. Look forward to some decent stories in the next few days where I Break down the juiciest tidbits from Wikileaks, go over what went wrong with everything leading up to Nov. 8th, and go in depth on a few tidbits of my personal journey that have enlightened me on some of the inner workings of political and law enforcement systems. 
Congratulations President Elect Trump, I’m ready to start winning for America. Look out for videos coming on my YouTube Channel as well. 
Oh, and a giant fuck you to:

Paul Ryan

John McCain

Ben Shapiro

Glenn Beck

Dana Loesch (half the time) 


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