9/11, Pearl Harbor, and why Saudi Arabia should be a parking lot already

So let’s look at the facts to start with, and then work through my opinions of said facts (not that my opinion matters, but if you’re reading this you probably agree to some level).  First of all we don’t know a lot, so most of this will be speculation based off of actions, reports, and the current threats being thrown around.


What we know for sure so far:

●Congress knows something about Saudi Arabia being involved in 9/11.

●President Obama also knows something, and obviously doesn’t want it to get out.

●Saudi Arabia is afraid of whatever it is that our government knows, or more precisely the effect it would have on  them (are they afraid of being kicked out of the UN? Are they afraid of being attacked by other countries? Are they afraid of severe sanctions?)

●Saudi Arabia has threatened to liquidate their American assets to essentially do billions in damage to our economy.

●President Obama is attempting to halt congress from releasing the information to the public.


What we can gather from the (very limited) facts above:

●Whatever the US government knows (or thinks they know) is obviously devastating for Saudi Arabia.

●Saudi Arabia is willing to do basically anything to preserve their image (and safety?).

●President Obama is afraid to act against the Saudis (because they weren’t involved? Because he has a deal worked out with them? Or is it because he is afraid it would spark more and grander conflicts?).

●Congress as usual isn’t doing very much at all except bowing to the threats of Saudi Arabia, The White House, and basically everyone else, though if Obama is putting this much effort into stopping then maybe that will be changing in the near future


So look, I don’t know everything that’s going on with this issue, but what I do know leads me down a few tinfoil hat-esque thought processes. Don’t judge me, but what if all the conspiracies were right, and the government has kept Saudi Arabia’s involvement covered up for the last 15 years? What if Saudi Arabia really was involved? Would that lead to us declaring war? Afterall, 9/11 is on the same scale as pearl harbor and we all know how that turned out (We turned two Japanese cities into amazing superhero/Godzilla breeding grounds). If it does come to light that Saudi Arabia was involved do we impeach Obama for trying to stop the information getting out? Does the UN kick them out, and declare war? Would other Arab nations rally to their aid, causing an actual global conflict between Islam and the rest of the World? Who knows the answers to any of these questions, as I’ve never met a person who had a crystal ball or a time machine, but what we do know could lead to a LOT of changes in the world landscape.


If Saudi Arabia does end up being involved in 9/11, or any more terrorists attacks than they already have been linked to (Beirut bombing), then I think we as a nation have no choice but to attack them with all our might. No hearts and minds being won, and no strict rules of engagement. Full blown ground assault, and not stopping until the entire government is dissolved and all involved have been publicly executed for their crimes. In my (not so) humble opinion  anything short of an all out declaration of War on the Saudi government would be a spit in the face tf the victims of 9/11, and the kinds of men who have fought bravely through WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam, and the war on terror. If we react any differently as a nation than we did following the events of 7 December 1941, then the America I love is officially dead. If this is all just hot air, then of course we should leave them be (and keep them at arm’s length, as this little temper tantrum is enough for me, and any reasonable red-blooded American to dislike them for even thinking they can threaten the Red, White and Blue). I think we are treading dangerously close to a global conflict with Islam, and the way the liberal left is defending the aggressors is scary to the point that I’m afraid it would rip the country in half. I’m also afraid of what will happen should that global conflict break out right here inside the US. Do we make internment camps again? Do we declare war on Islam as a whole, or just the individual countries and groups? How would all that work? I’m not advocating any of those things, but more wondering how it would play out. I’m sure if a Democrat makes it into office we will never know the answer to whether Saudi Arabia was involved, and we will stay out of this conflict regardless of number and severity of the attacks, but what about a Republican? Will they be overly aggressive and push the liberals away? Will they be decisive and fair? Would and conflict like that actually be good for the social issues in America, leading to renewed nationalism and a common enemy for both the left and right? Who knows, but at this point I can’t help but think of one of the most iconic messages ever transmitted, “What Hath God Wrought.” It’s not only a question as to what have we found ourselves in the middle of, but also a testament to the power of what we can accomplish if united. At what cost will our victory, defeat, or inaction towards the conflicts that are brewing come? I don’t know, but hopefully  we will know sooner than later, because at least knowing let’s us prepare for whatever may be.


5 thoughts on “9/11, Pearl Harbor, and why Saudi Arabia should be a parking lot already

  1. Something is going on.
    (A) Saudis are always sleeping inside of the White House.
    (B) Michelle Obama at the hospital bedside of the kid swept up by police after the Boston Marathon bombing.
    (C) Money to politicians.

    Only the tip of the iceberg to destroy America, and some ruthless action may be required to repel the Muslim invaders, who incidentally, are in top federal jobs.

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    1. Thanks for the reblog. I really appreciate it. And yeah, I totally agree. Something seems a little fishy here, and if it is as bad as I think it could be, then we need to be leveling the whole fucking country. I’d sign up for another 4 just for that level of excitement

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      1. You’re welcome. I have a feeling, that the entire situation is a bit worse than we imagine. For too long the crap has been going on, and the elected people believe they are smarter than everyone else. Arrogance. Rather than levelling the place, because it is our nation and not the politicians’, I say, the remedy, is ROPE.
        To purge the nation at this point, would take some ruthless action, and I hope that the arrogant ones can be brought to some kind of justice in courts. After the stooge judges dismiss the bastards, then hang the sons-of-bitches! (Yep. I stocked up on rope.)


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