What’s Wrong With You Democrat Party?

Let’s start way back in the days of the Civil War and work our way to our present times. Can anyone answer which party freed the slaves? I’ll go ahead and give you the answer, it was the Republicans. How about who introduced Jim Crow laws, and encouraged segregation? That’s the Democrats if you couldn’t already guess.  What party had the first black senator? How about the first Hispanic senator? Or the first Asian cabinet member? The answer to all three of these queries is the same: The Republicans.  All three Amendments that affected former slaves and their God-given rights? Also the GOP. The Grand Old Party are also responsible for the banning of the KKK as a political party, had the first freed slave to proceed over a national party convention (the 1884 RNC), and  a Republican wrote the 19th Amendment (giving women a right to vote). Seems like a party that has helped minorities and righted injustices to me.


But what about all the good the Democrats have done for those same groups? Well, let’s take a look at some of the amazing things the Blue side has accomplished for minorities and women.  Let’s start with their filibustering the Civil Rights acts of  1857, 1957, 1960, and 1964. For those of you who don’t know, filibustering is when you attempt to talk so long a bill or act can’t get passed. Oh, and remember those Amendments we talked about earlier, not a Single Democrat voted in favor of the 14th, 15th, or 19th Amendment. Sounds like a party of anti-woman racists to me. Let’s not stop there though, let’s look at what we actually came here to discuss: recent (ish) events from the Democrats that have made things worse for Minorities and women, while lining their own pocketbooks and crying out about injustices to get the people they are screwing over to vote for them. The entire idea that left-wing policies help the underprivileged is one of the greatest lies ever spread across this great land. What about highest concentrations of murders, black on black (or brown on brown) crime, and deplorable excuses for public services. Highest murder  rates?  Chicago, LA, New Orleans, Detroit… and yes those are run by Democrat cities, in Democrat regions of mostly Democrat states. The Flint Water Crisis? City is run by Democrats. Ferguson police violence? Democrats make up 70% of the city council, and the mayor’s office. Strictest gun and drug laws? Also found in those murder capitals above. What more evidence could you need to see that Democrat policies lead to issues for the impoverished people of their regions.


If we adopt the plans that our current leftwing candidates are proposing we will effectively destroy the middle class, force the poor to be MORE involved with the government (I bet Black Lives Matter and Moveon.org would love to be more closely tied to the government they seem to dislike), and create government protected and backed corporations. Anyone who thinks Bernie or Hilary are going to lessen the negative effects the government has on the lives of those we need help the most is not only naive, but blatantly ignorant (or dare I say stupid). How is free college going to help people who can’t pay their bills because 50% of their 15 bucks an hour is going to taxes (if you can’t do the math half of $15 an hour Is $7.50, which is less than minimum wage)? Who is going to be paying for all the new government benefits that everyone will be entitled to if the labor is going to foreign workers and illegals who don’t pay into the system? If you think it will be the rich, then you are truly beyond help. Will they be paying more under the democrats? Absolutely, but in order to pay for Sanders  plans for just 4 years we would need to tax the top 10% of the country at 100% (yes, take every penny they make) for 100 years, and keep in mind that’s just to pay for the extra new stuff, not the already accounted for stuff or the deficit. Who do you guys think will be the hardest hit from all these things? That’s right, the lower class, minorities, and women. Hopefully  people will start figuring this shit out because I really don’t want to be in bread lines in Venezuela, or the months long wait for doctors like in Sweden.



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