The Punk Rock Paradox

According to my limited research on the subject (read: based on a few social media comments) you can’t be a punk and say it, and you also can’t  have been in the military or have ANY conservative opinions. I’m  here to shed a little light on these ideals, and a few more that are related.

I’ll start off with an amazing quote by someone who is both a mainstream  media personality that 7th graders drool over, and an icon within the punk or pop punk scenes that has consistently succeeded within the system he aims to destroy, Billie Joe Armstrong. “A guy walks up to me and asks ‘What’s Punk?’ So I kick over a garbage can and say ‘That’s punk!’ So he kicks over a garbage can and says ‘That’s punk?’ and I say ‘No, that’s trendy!’” That ladies and gentlemen is a perfect definition of what is and isn’t punk. Punk is about shucking the system and doing whatever the fuck you want, and in this case the system is the group of people who seem to think they own punk, and who seem to be making a system to sort people into or out of their punk box. This sort of thing is an oxymoron at best, and a slap to the face of anyone who actually does believe punk is doing what you want, how you want, and for the reasons you want. Isn’t going  against the grain, and chosing the candidate that everyone hates more punk  than joining the rest of the Hot Topic crowd at a Bernie rally? Isn’t it more punk to join the system, thrive, and succeed personally than to stay sitting on the couch wearing your acid wash jeans and having spiked up colorful hair just like everyone else who likes The Casualties? I guess what I’m trying to say is that from my point of view being angry, doing something about it, and forging your own path makes you a hell of a lot more punk than wearing the same fucking clothes, and yelling the same catchphrases as the rest of the B9 community or Tumblr thread you follow. Here I’ll  let H2O speak for me in regards to my opinion on these fucking over opinionated cretins who’s  only way to be accepted is to feign some level of alternative culture and spent their time telling others how to be different just like them. This the very first verse of their song What Happened?

“When it began, for those who don’t know
it didn’t matter how you looked or what you wore to a show
dress codes, FUCK NO!
we didn’t care about the brand of your jeans and all that shit in your hair”

Now, back onto the other parts aside from dress style that these people apparently think make you punk. Let’s go with the military and how you can in fact be punk as fuck, and still be a decent soldier, sailor, Marine, or Airmen. Would we all agree that one of the main attractions to punk, hardcore and metal is that it’s aggressive, fast paced, and most times outright angry? What better place to get all of your aggression and anger out than a place that encourages as much of that as you can handle. Furthermore, it just seems right to me that a misfit, angry, and anti-System type would love to get a look at how others do things while using their natural penchant for destruction to their advantage… oh and you get free college, a decent paycheck, and awesome benefits from it. Holy shit! A job where I can go break stuff, get paid and taken care of, and can set myself up with an education later to break down the current system? Sign me the fuck up (again, since I already did it). I would even argue that being in a position like myself and actively trying to change a political party normally reserved for Old Rich White men, and their benefactors is doing exactly what a punk normally does, Crushing the system, except this time it’s from the inside.

Well, since I already opened the can of worms on the GOP, I might as well elaborate. First of all I’ll say that the GOP isn’t in its death throes, and it isn’t going to implode like all the pundits seem to think. I think the Republican party is having some severe growing pains thanks to both Trump and Cruz, as well as a grass-roots movement of young, poor, and socially left leaning individuals who are finally waking up and saying something. To me, this little group of rag-tag individuals will eventually be the status quo of the grand old party. What I’m getting at is that these young rebels, who don’t fit into either party, aren’t welcomed by their fellow young people hanging out in camp communism because of their sensible fiscal ideology, and who are even less welcome amongst the religious nonsense and homo/trans/everything-that-isnt-white-ophobia of the dying Reagan-republicans. These kids, like myself, are eventually going to be running the show, and both major parties will be turned on their head. Think about it like this, in 1905 every one of both parties hated black people, and by 2016 both parties would be appalled at the use of a racial slur; I think the similar thing will happen to issues like gay marriage and Marijuana legalization. By the year 2100 we will all consider both of those things a forgone conclusion, and we will be arguing about Martian rights, and taxes. Plus, getting back to the punk thing, what is more punk than being in a party that doesn’t want you, and drawing a line in the sand for your friends that seem to be the world’s most “unique” lemmings of “progressivism.”

And I guess my last point is that you can say you are anything you want, and that should have exactly 0 bearing on whether it’s true or not. No one questions you when you announce your political party. Noone questions your credibility if you say you’re a gearhead, or a surfer dude, or whatever else you may think you are. Plus it’s a blog, and it needed a title, the catchier the better, and I thought it sounded good. And finally, fuck you because punx rawks bro-dude. Or whatever the kids say these days… I think I heard something about some ratchets and fleeks. I don’t know. Fuck it.


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