The Breakdown: Canidates 2016

Disclaimer: This article is the result of free time, and a lack of a computer. It is my very basic, and unsubstantiated opinion, nothing more. Future articles will be better researched.

Today’s thoughts are going to be on the remaining 5 candidates, though honestly it should really  be only 4, considering Kasich can’t actually win without a contested or brokered convention when that time comes. I’m going to start from the person  I think is the least capable of being a decent president, and will work my way to my top two canidates. Bear with me, because I am not going to actually endorse any given candidate, though I do personally prefer one over the other. I’m going to use a grading scale that gives my opinion  on a scale of 1 pistol being the worst (🔫) to 5 pistols being the best (🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫), because in my humble opinion guns= ‘Merica. Plus it was the coolest emoji I could find on my phone without actually putting any real effort in.

First up is my least favorite candidate. This canidate, in my opinion, is completely incapable of leading a basic pottery class at your local community college, much less running an actual country. This canidate was an aide to President Nixon during the Watergate scandal, and could have even been involved in the actual destroying of tapes, though evidence for that isn’t exactly reliable. Moving to more recent times, this canidate has been a detriment to women and minorities while waving the flag of Inclusion.  I’m going to come out and say it… the worst possible choice of the current field is Hilary Clinton.  The H has been nothing but a thorn in the side of decent hardworking Americans for nearly 50 years, and I highly doubt giving her the keys to the kingdom is going to fix that. Just look at her time in the senate; she did absolutely nothing for her state, or congress in general. As secretary of state she was responsible for the deaths of 4 Americans, even after the ambassador had been sending requests to pull out and to move our embassy. Her lack of decision making skills in the face of potential tragedy is laughable at best and honestly has already resulted in a heartbreaking loss for the American people. If that isn’t enough she has blatantly lied about her husband’s extramarital activities and forced the state department to get her a BlackBerry in 2009… let me say that again, a fucking blackberry. I was a dirt poor Lance Corporal in the Marine corps in 2009 and had a better phone than a blackberry. Let’s not forget to mention the thousands of deleted emails, some of which she has lied about under oath. If that’s the kind of president that you want running this grand experiment then you are more of the problem than I can handle. Lies, deceit, cover ups, and deaths of American heroes follow this woman around like a deranged puppy.

Final grade: -54 🔫’s and an extra 💩 because that’s about what she is worth. A big pile of turds.

Coming in at a not so strong 4th place is John Kasich. I personally have nothing against him as a candidate, governor, or policy maker. His plans are fairly centrist, and he tows the party line quite well, but (and this is a huge but, like Kanye’s ego big) he can’t win and is just staying in the race to pray for a contested convention. I admire his spirit, and his resilience, but staying in a race you can’t win tells me that there is something we, as average Americans, aren’t seeing. Is he secretly in Trump’s back pocket trying to keep Ted Cruz from getting a Majority in more states, and preventing him from reaching the goal of rule 40? Is he secretly in good ol’ Ted’s pocket and planning to take a VP spot from him to bring the party together after the first round in the convention results in no nominee? Who knows? I can guarantee you it’s either his own ego, or a backroom deal we have yet to see, and neither of those are scenarios that make me like him as a candidate.

Final grade: 🔫🔫🔫🔫 for his policies and ideas but really comes in as a 🔫 because he can’t win, and is obviously up to something no good

Thundering into 3rd with a decent chance of getting the RNC’s nod is Senator Ted Cruz. He started this race off strong, and has state a perennial contender even after a few pretty major slip ups. On one side I love the guy, he stands up to the Republican establishment, and won’t compromise his convictions. He has been a breath of fresh air on the Senate, where endless debate and lack of decisive action have made it nearly a vestigial branch of government. With that being said, he is also the exact opposite of what the GOP needs. He is aggressively religious, so much so that he has stated before that the creation theory of the bible is 100% true. Yes, a man who wants to run the greatest country in the world thinks the earth is 6,000 years old, and that dinosaurs are fake. You heard it here first… that is the current Republican party’s best hope at getting someone they understand in office, and that’s utterly ridiculous. We as you’d people need to band together and he take the party away from this hardline anti-woman, anti-nonchristian, and anti-21st century social morality. It’s like Cruz and the rest of the conservatives have stayed stuck in the pre-Reagan Era of inquisitions and dirty back room deals. I like about half of what this man says (immigration, trade, taxes) but can’t stand by anyone who has such religeous fervor on issues (anti-abortion even if it’s for the mothers safety or from rape, still using the gateway drug theory for marijuana, you get the picture) , to the point that he puts his faith above his duty to his country, especially when religion is affecting out values and ideals less and less with each passing day.

Final Grade: 🔫🔫🔫 decent, capable of being voted for if Hilary wins the Democratic nod, but would usher in a wave of anti-progress that hurts every social group I know of but well off, super religious white people in the south and Midwest

Now we come to the final two. Both of which are great choices depending on how you prioritize the issues, as both are extreme outsiders, and are this countries first chance at a “3rd Party” candidate actually winning the Oval office. I personally lean more right with a lot of issues, so you can do the math on who my choice is, but I am going to be fair and honest. I will attempt to give both of these gentlemen credit where it is due, and point out all of their many flaws, some personality wise and some as far as policies go.

First up we have the left-wing’s greatest folk hero. A man who needs no introduction at this point, and after this week’s hat trick of states, may actually be in the running to be first up to beat the H… Bernie Sanders. For starters Sanders is a very genuine candidate, who actually believes exactly what he says. This alone has allowed him to amass a cult following of millennials, minorities, and soccer moms. Add into that mix a good helping of awesome voting on issues all across the board in both houses of senate, and you get a quite formidable canidate that people who normally don’t “rock the vote” actually come out for. I think sanders means extremely well for the little guys all across this great land, and I think he believes it will help. Free college would be a wonderful thing, as would free health care, and basically anything else we can want for from him as president. The reality of the situation isn’t quite as peachy keen as we would like. I’m not saying he wouldn’t help the country in a lot of ways we need… sanders could be the POTUS that sees legalization of marijuana through, he could be the one to put a stop to these idiots trying to re-ban gay marriage, he could do any number of socially positive things that we need so desperately in this country, but at what cost? In a perfect world we would have a president who would stand up for people who need the helping hand, and who would make a positive change in the culture of the United states, but we don’t live in a perfect world. Socialism and democratic socialism don’t work. Not in the long run. People would take advantage of the system and create a larger wage gap, the government would go further Into debt while taxing the people to death in an attempt to pay for these lofty goals brought forth by ideology, not logic. This doesn’t bring into question the already changing tide of what is and isn’t free speech, and other social issues that are currently terrible and would only get worse as a result of economic hardships. Oh, and don’t forget, go to and read his entire plans all the way through… if you are in a similar tax bracket to me (under 100k a year ) then you will see the additional 23% in fees that will be taken from each paycheck. I can’t afford another 5%, much less nearly an entire quarter. In conclusion on The Bern, I totally understand how and why someone would choose him as their canidate. He’s a pretty awesome dude, but from my side of the street he doesn’t quite understand the HOW of his own plan, even though the WHY is great.

Final Grade: 🔫🔫🔫🔫 because he is great socially, and I believe honestly cares about fixing America, BUT his plans sadly won’t work, and will make things worse, regardless of how much we don’t want that to be true.

Now, we have made it to my personal choice, and hopefully the next president. For those of you who haven’t figured it out yet, I’m talking about the Donald, Mr. Trump, the walking toupee. Before you all start burning me at the stake (maybe bErning would be more appropriate usage for my age bracket), let’s look at the facts. I’ll start with admitting that Trump is an asshole, and a loud mouth, and not necessarily qualified for the job. What he isn’t is more important. First off I don’t see him being a racist. Did he make a questionable set if remarks about illegal Mexican immigrants? Abso-fucking-lutely! In fact, I’m still in shock that more people didn’t run screaming at that point, but if you stop and actually compare facts to the exact words he used, he isn’t wrong. A disproportionately large amount of crime is committed by illegal Mexican immigrants (along with other Latino or Hispanic illegals), and by their very nature these people are committing a crime just from being here. I listened to his exact words, and to me the distinction is clear that Mr. Trump has an issue with ILLEGAL immigrants, not with other people of their same ethnicity or other LEGAL immigrants. I will go one step further and say that Hispanics and Latinos should be backing Mr. Trump more because of this proposition. Do you think people who give you those sideways “I wonder if they are illegal” glances if there weren’t so many illegals? Do you think people would be afraid of you if there was less crime committed by criminals with whom you only share a skin color? Think about it for a second… enforcing the laws we already have on the books, and securing the border to slow the influx would HELP the Hispanic and Latino communities. As for the wall financing, and social implications why is it that every time I hear someone talk about it negatively they act like it would keep put legal immigrants? These people do realize it isn’t like a prison, but more like a fence with doors just like in front of your house, right? Oh, and Mexico still owed the United states a huge debt that we haven’t collected because congress won’t sign the bill, that sounds like a good source of money to finance this wall. Does it look kind of bad to the outside world? Probably, but st least it would help our economy, and personal safety. Now onto the other half of immigration that Mr. Trump plans to implement. First off his plan to lessen Visas would only help Millennials who are having to compete with foreign college graduates that will work for half the wages, and the other group that would be helped the most is inner city minorities. This group would benefit from not only the lessening competition for jobs from illegals, and visa workers, but they would be able to jump on the new jobs that come back when Mr. Trumps 15% corporate tax kicks in, bringing tons of manufacturing and construction jobs. The last part of immigration that he has proposed Is fairly preposterous, and probably impossible but it isn’t illegal. The way I see it is that he knows it can’t be done, but at least he is the only candidate that has proposed a legal and technically doable plan to slow the influx of ISIS fighters. Not saying it’s a good plan, but it’s better than the other candidate’s lack of plans. Basically these few issues in my mind overpower the small blunders and lack of tact Mr. Trump shows the world. I also think some the bombastic nature is just for fun, and he is obviously a lot more calculating and intelligent than his nature gives away.

Final Grade: 🔫🔫🔫🔫 because he has the best plans as far as ones that will be implemented, and sometimes he puts his foot in his mouth.

To sum it all up, I think Sanders or Trump would make excellent choices depending on how you personally prioritize the issues. Me personally I think the social change will come, and that the other issues are more pressing. I think Sanders has the best personality, and trump has the best actual plans, or at least best general ideas.

I apologize again for usage of my phone. The Easter weekend is forcing me to hold off on a new computer for a few days, and is making research for my articles non-existent, but I wanted to get a 2nd post up today. Coming in the next few days will be better researched ideas, and with a hell of a lot fewer errors.

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