Introduction AKA My Very First Blog Post

So, it’s not like the world needs another voice for politics, music, or basically anything else I can provide. I guess since this is my first post I should  introduce myself a little bit and try to pick up a few readers. My name is Brett, and I’m  an asshole, though not the kind you will dislike.  I’m more like that one friend you agree with, but you’re too afraid to admit it.

In my blog I will probably touch on any number of subjects that would interest you, but for the most part it will be the following: Politics (especially  the views of those of us dubbed “young outsiders”), Interesting news that the viral culture of today skims over, and how to get involved with the world around you through knowledge and discussion, with the occasional splash of military skills, paleo eating, and musical musings.  Basically you can count on me providing tons of rants on the state of the world from my punk rock attitude and military trained forwardness, with a dash of healthy eating and political activism.

I’m not very politically correct, so let’s go ahead and get all the shock value out of the way, since I will be cursing fairly often and I don’t want you focusing on that instead of the ideology presented: fuck, shit, ass, bitch, twat, fart (hehehe), cum, snatch… insert cornucopia of offensive language… balls, damn, and finally the grandaddy of all insulting words (Avert your eyes fair maidens, and young children) turd.

Wow, I can’t believe I just said turd. Now that it’s over, let’s touch on a few other things. I will insult and disparage all celebrities, even the ones I like. I will do my best to show the world from my very narrow point of view, but with enough class, dignity, and intelligence to attract even those  who only share some of my interests, views, and general rhetoric. Hopefully you, the readers, will be able to spread the word and bring people here. If you like what I’m  saying, and know any of the following types of people, grab them by the face hard enough to morph their face into a budget pre-photoshop picture of Kendall Jenner and whisper quietly these 8 words “go follow the political punk dude on WordPress.” This blog is meant for anyone who is considering voting for any candidate other than Hilary Rodham Cunton (yes I spelled that with a “U” instead of an “LI” on purpose), anyone who grew up in the punk or hardcore scenes who is struggling with their burgeoning adulthood and changing political views, anyone who thinks the Republican party needs to drop the religious crap, anyone who is as nerdy as I am (to be read: “has collectables worth more than their car), or basically  anyone who isn’t a total stiff and wants a decent laugh while discussing  serious things.

Well, that’s going to be it for this first of many posts. Hopefully I’ve caught at least a few people’s attention. Stand by for more of this amazingness to come.


Punk attitude/political insight,

The Political Punk Dude

P.S. don’t judge me on spelling and grammar, this was written on my barely average, much less “smart” phone. Next time it will be on the computer like a sensible adult.


4 thoughts on “Introduction AKA My Very First Blog Post

  1. Interesting. I will stop in from time to time.
    Now, for the disagreement (I was honest with you over at CTH): define for me exactly “religious crap” (some people are religious; it would be nice to know if this presents a problem…at which point I won’t both you…or you are perhaps willing to enter into discussion).
    Thank you for your service; what was you MOS?


    1. 0331. And I mean it in terms of religeon having no place in politics as far as policy making read my post a out death throes of the goo. I outline my feeling st here though rather harshly, but it’ll give you an idea.


      1. I understand what you are saying. But I will attempt to outline the religion/spiritual divide (and how we kinda all got to the place we are, imho, going forward).


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